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Oct 28 2018 8:38 AM Post #10810

Went out yesterday with bob, never been on a bike before I just needed to pass so I can ride to work but after a day out I actually enjoyed it I had way more fun than I ever thought I was and am now going to go for my full bike licence 🙌🙌 thanks bob top geezer 👌
Paul Strutt
Sep 21 2018 10:22 AM Post #10765

Very Impressed! Assured and confident Instructor Paul took me through my paces on a 1 day refresher course ( having not ridden for 22 years!). My fears were quickly gone, as with care, tact and good humour, he had me doing the basic bike handling skills on a 125cc then up to a 500cc. Once I was confident it was then onto the open road for some 1:1 training as either I followed him or he followed me regularly giving me instructions and feedback via the helmet radio. I would recommend this organisation to anyone whether beginner or seeking to improve. Venue was easy to find and safe.
Sep 17 2018 19:43 PM Post #10752

Just done my CBT with Bob. It was a really positive experience. Bob was very knowledgeable and has inspired me to sign up to do the full motorbike test.
Sep 07 2018 21:30 PM Post #10737

Thx Bob for helping me to pass my cbt great job mate
Sep 07 2018 15:28 PM Post #10736

I've just completed my direct access course with Phil and passed first time. The training was top notch and I honestly think I would not have been able to progress this quickly with any other instructor. Thanks Phil.
Gary Powell
Sep 03 2018 12:14 PM Post #10725

Within 5 days went from taking CBT to passing full bike licence.
Would recommend this training school every time.
Ryan Taylor
Sep 01 2018 19:44 PM Post #10719

Great bunch of guys really enjoyed it. Very informative and very deadicated they are. I recommend anyone and everyone these guys are very good.
Aug 23 2018 22:31 PM Post #10701

Had my CBT with Bob last Saturday, Was a great day out having never ridden before managed to learn and pass on a manual bike in the one day.

Safety/theory briefing was informing. The site had a good area to learn to complete the slow moving manoeuvres and the site location provided numerous types of roads to practice on when out on the two hour road section of the CBT.

Would highly recommend to friends and family.
Aug 20 2018 18:46 PM Post #10697

Great experience with the whole team! Would thoroughly recommend to anyone. I went from almost no experience on a heated bike to passing my test within 4 days. Phil in particular was patient, honest, good company and made the course interesting, informative and exciting.
Ben Tate
Aug 09 2018 21:01 PM Post #10649

Have been on an A2 course this past week with Phil at Invicta. Itís been a fantastic experience, my riding has improved so much in so little time. They donít just teach you how to pass your test either, every new technique and piece of information given will be used every time you ride from then on. The instructor is a great bloke and itís very clear how passionate he is about riding. The course is very much tailored to each individual riders training needs and anything you may be struggling with at first will be identified and addressed during the course. If youíre in or around Kent, you donít want to be going anywhere anywhere else. 10/10
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