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Brandon Featherstone
Apr 28 2019 18:16 PM Post #11195

I done my cbt today with bob which is a great instructor, what a such down to earth man, he made sure that everyone made it through each step at there own pace and help everyone with there confidence. When we went out on the road bob made sure we were safe and corrected use if we made a mistake so we were improving at every minute, I had such a great time today thanks to bob
Michael L
Apr 27 2019 19:08 PM Post #11191

Did my CBT with Invicta today and it was excellent. Bob was awesome, a real gent who is passionate about what he does.
It felt safe and there were many top tips to ride with care.
Doing my Mod 1 and Mod 2 training in a few weeks time as well.
More of the same I hope!
Apr 15 2019 12:28 PM Post #11129

Did my CBT with Bob. Despit me being a novice dropping the bike on the initial walking with it, one of the other learners being so nervous he was going to walk, Bob handled both situations very calmly and was encouraging throughout, an enjoyable day and feel much more confident now about beign on the road. Thanks Bob
Marvin Blackstock
Apr 14 2019 19:57 PM Post #11127

Did my CBT training with "Bob" today.. Nice friendly staff... nice clean bikes...had a great day learnt a fair bit and overall enjoyed the experience thanks guys.. (Thanks Bob..)
Sharon Parry
Apr 11 2019 17:21 PM Post #11103

Paul got me round the circuit and was very patient and safety was everything. Bob was also hot on safety and took me out to do the initial CBT. Not only did I learn how to ride a bike, but also the importance of wearing suitable clothing when on the bike such as jackets and gloves. I also learnt what to look for when choosing a helmet that meets ECE standards. But most of all I had a brilliant time and wish I had done it years ago. Very Happy
Ian Smith
Mar 30 2019 17:57 PM Post #11061

Done my cbt with bob today great instructor I hadnít been on a bike for some years he soon got my confidence up and I start my training on Monday to obtain my full license with great hope from these guys very helpful gents highly recommended
Liam Spratt
Mar 18 2019 22:10 PM Post #11012

Great place to do your CBT or any tests. Bob was a good instructor, very patient and made sure i was confident with what i was doing. highly recommend Invicta Motorcycle Training.
Tanis Gianichini
Mar 05 2019 12:14 PM Post #10962

Bob was a great instructor, patient and made sure I got the hang of everything before moving on. Will definitely be back for more training and my full license!
Mar 03 2019 18:03 PM Post #10954

Very happy I went here to do my CBT, really kind instructors that do it because they love the job. cant wait to come back here to do my A licenses.

Love what you do guys, Thanks for keeping us safe!
Feb 24 2019 19:41 PM Post #10940

passed my CBT today after 30 years of not being on a bike, Bob did a excellent job of putting me at ease his Professionalism and Expert Knowledge along with his Passion of motorcycling really does shine through he is a credit to the industry so thank you Bob and Invicta Motorcycle Training.
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