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Jul 05 2018 13:05 PM Post #10505

Had almost 0 experience of riding a motorcycle or bicycle yet managed to pass with the A2 course, would recommend 100% to anyone Very Happy
Thank you Phil and Tony!
Tony freshwater
Jun 23 2018 17:50 PM Post #10463

Hi just like to thank invita motorcycle training especially BOB I found it an enjoyable day with no pressure and great value for money I would definitely recommend it to anyone taking C b t
Jun 20 2018 14:00 PM Post #10450

Just passed my A2 today and it's thanks to these guys, Phil especially as he did most of my training and didn't laugh when i dropped the bike at a junction... but every instructor was great and had helpful advice. Couldn't recommend them more. Tony was great too, he rode with me to and from the test centre and made sure i was ready for the test.
Jun 15 2018 10:24 AM Post #10436

I did my CBT with Bob on a Saturday which was a really fun day and only my third time using a geared bike. Bob was really patient and gave some good advice for riders on how to act on the road and be aware of how others may react/not react.

My DAS was done with Andy as my instructor, who not only was really helpful throughout the training, but also made it really fun. Andy took us through the routes that I experienced on my test and gave good advice on how to pass module one and two and how to ride safely day to day. Two days before the test we went to the test centre to practise which was invaluable and good fun. If you get Andy as your instructor your in luck, I thought he was great.

As a fairly inexperienced rider they taught me everything I needed to know and had me pass with a full licence from CBT to DAS in under a week.
Jun 11 2018 9:26 AM Post #10424

A big thank you to Bob who helped me get my broken down bike going yesterday . He stopped to ask if I was ok and I explained the battery was playing up . He rode off to get jump leads and managed to get the bike fired up . I was told by Breakdown assist I had a 3 hour wait and as I was 2 miles in either direction away from anything , including a drink his help was very much appreciated . If this is how Invicta Motorcycle Training operates , I would thoroughly recommend them . Thanks again , it shows what motorcyclists are really like .
Claire day
Jun 09 2018 19:08 PM Post #10416

Done my CBT today and I passed thank you so much Bob for all your help and support. It was a great day with lots of very helpful advise. Bob was very friendly and reassuring so thanks once again x Very Happy
Mike & Nicci
Jun 06 2018 10:01 AM Post #10399

To Phil & Tony & Paul (an array of combined experience) cont...,
Our experience with Invicta (and specifically the instructors) was extremely pleasant as they have a strong sense of safety for their student riders as well as a professional sense of urgency to get you to a level above of what is expected on your practical test (and all the subsequent cruising!)- they are keen to have you become part of that special 4% of road users.
Very easy to deal with and can gladly recommend them to any beginners and/or experienced 'L' plate holders.
Keep checking your blindspots Wink
Mike & Nicci
Jun 06 2018 9:53 AM Post #10398

To Phil & Tony & Paul (an array of combined experience),
We did our CBT with Invicta in August 2017 with a view to complete the DAS course soon afterwards. As we are two professionals with varying working hours, it\'s great that we were able to do a taster session and some additional rides on the big bikes on the weekends. It also great that the DAS course can be partially taken over a weekend too.
There is a fair amount of practical riding experience achieved throughout the DAS course, so if you have any concerns about your ability at the beginning of the course, we can safely say you will have far less once the time comes for you to do your test - it\'s only the pre-test excitement to look forward to.
Jun 05 2018 22:39 PM Post #10395

Great place, and the instructor, Bob, was great also. Made to feel very comfortable. Recommend to anyone, for any license.
John Gallant
Jun 04 2018 23:23 PM Post #10389

Recently repeated my CBT with the folks at Invicta after it expired during a move south. Training with Bob on a very warm Sunday was good though, he was patient with those with less experience (but not to the extent it affected any one else's experience), and chatting during a break in the ride was interesting and informative. I'd definitely recommend them on to anyone as the full business seemed to be a host of friendly people. Genuinely enthused by riding, maintaining and generally instilling good riding practices and knowledge on to the community.
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