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Rox and Rich
Apr 16 2012 17:00 PM Post #448

Just finished our CBT with Phil and really enjoyed it. The guys were really helpful and let me have a hour practice on a scooter before the CBT. I somehow managed to go from having no experience on a manual bike to being competent in the space of a day!
They are really friendly and patient and we would highly recommend them! Very Happy
paul g
Mar 26 2012 12:46 PM Post #243

recently came down to sit in on a cbt that members of my youth group where doing and i must say i am very impressed, had 2 females who didn't have the confidence to even sit on the bikes and move let alone navigate round the course, but after some motivation and a lot of patience from the instructor they where both navigating the track and making great progress. Many thanks!
Mar 19 2012 11:05 AM Post #204

Very Happy many many thanks tony for all your help brought me kawasaki zxr great bike Very Happy your support was ongoing through out my training from day one till i passed my test ,invita motorcycle training A1+++++++++ readers what you waiting for you wont be dissapointed give tony a ring make yr dream come true tony did mine and be sure to make yours THANK YOU TONY FOR ALL YOUR HELP, SUPPORT ,PATIENCE,AND MOST OF ALL FOR MY TEST WITH PASS WWWWOHOOOOOOOOO Very Happy
Julian Whatley
Feb 20 2012 12:39 PM Post #144

Just a quick message to thank Martin for a thoroughly positive experience on Saturday, my CBT was smooth, professional and conducted with a clear high degree of experience.. Im looking forward to taking my full licence in July/August this year.. thanks for getting me on 2 wheels!!
Jan 31 2012 12:15 PM Post #89

Thanks Invicta, Martin made the CBT really satisfying and easy to complete. Very professional, experienced training from start to finish. Will be back soon for the DAS. Very Happy
Jan 10 2012 20:58 PM Post #77

Passed my CBT a while backnowand I just want to say a massive thanks to Phill. He has great patience and he is great to learn with! So thank you massively.. Smile
Nov 14 2011 12:43 PM Post #53

Did my CBT will Martin and have got to say that he is an awesome teacher (with a LOT of patience). His teaching methods change as neccessary from person to person. Hes calm and chilled with those who respond well to it, and with others, like myself, who need a harsher more stern tutor he can supply that too. Really enjoyed myself and the course has definately made me realise how truly awesome motorbikes can be. So thanks Martin, hope to see you in the new year when I do my unrestricted licence
John manuell
Oct 06 2011 18:20 PM Post #32

Completed Four day DAS course this week at invicta motorcycle training with a pass as the result!! was extremely happy with the expert advice,support and professional training received and would like to thank Tony and Martin for a great experience!! Thanks guys.............. Laughing
Sep 16 2011 17:44 PM Post #27

Another successful CBT 16/09/2011 completed thanks to Phil. He has nerves of steel and the pacience of a saint. He also taught me the correct way to lift up my bike when it feels like lying down on the floor! Laughing
Cheers guys.
Nick Price
Sep 15 2011 11:14 AM Post #26

I had Phill for my CBT and he was great but he has pleanty of praise on here so for my DAS i had Martin. Martin is great at adapting his teaching style to the students he is teaching. We had plenty of banter and he even bought me lunch when he lost a bet. I would definitely recomend him.
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